3 Major Points to Always Keep In Mind about Your Credit Card

Who carries cash along when the entire world is now relaying upon the credit cards. Credit cards in many ways has its advantages and disadvantages. But mostly people who carry the credit cards have to save time. It is undoubtedly a faster way to shop but let’s admit it isn’t the cheapest way to spend. The one’s carrying the credit cards need to know a few things about them before getting too used to of them.

1 – Credit Cards Have Become More Secure.

Earlier, the credit card had the structure which had a black strip attached to them at the corner. The black strip of the card carries the information of the card owner. In recent time, ways have been see that the black strip of credit cards are unsafe because they can be easily hacked. Many people are using fake cards, so make sure you issue your from the right place so that a real credit card number that works for you is issued to you. The banks then came up with technology of installing smart cards into the credit cards. The smart card works better and safer than the black strip. If you are heading out to get a credit card then be the smarter person by taking the credit card with the smart card not the black strip.

2 – When They Run Out, You Should Know!

A credit card has a duration off staying active. This duration is mostly from 3-5 years. When this duration runs out the person needs to get the new credit card and give the old one a visit to the bank. One needs to be careful of the expiry dates of the card. Any careless act can lead the credit card user to fraud and other schemes.

3 – Signature

Even though the credit card body is made up of plastic but the credit card with security details matters a lot, a small area is given for the user to sign on as an identification. If ever the card does not work the sign always helps. You can sign the bill similar to the credit card and the shop keeper can enter your credit card number and take the payment from the credit card.

Getting a credit card stolen is equal to losing the entire amount of money present on your credit card. Never share your valid credit card information including codes, pins or details to anyone. Use visa credit card number generator to get disposable cc numbers for testing purposes.


Using the table, he assumed that the Visa that begins with the number 4 belongs to Banking and Finance, as well as to MasterCard, which has the prefix of the numbers 5.

  • 4 for Visa - Banking and financial
  • 5 for MasterCard - Banking and financial
  • 3 for Discover Card - Travel and entertainment